Reentry Advocacy Project

The A/TCRRT  Reentry Advocacy Project (RAP), formerly known as the XOffenders’ Council (XOC), is comprised of formerly incarcerated individuals and reentry stakeholders. The goal of the RAP is to engage formerly incarcerated men and women to effectively communicate the possibility of rehabilitation and self-sufficiency by taking an active role in advocating for the development and implementation of polices and practices that directly and positively affect the reentry population and their families. In addition to providing guidance to A/TCRRT Planning Council Members, committees, and staff, some of the activities of this committee include making presentations at public and private conferences and forums as well as providing testimony to the legislature if they so choose.

RAP meets on the first Wednesday of every month in the evenings. RAP is member-driven in determining its meeting logistics, officers, and activities. To find out more or get involved follow us on Facebook!